About us

About us

Our Mission

To make the opportunity and pleasure of flying as widely available as possible.

Our Motivation

Being among friends is good. Especially when we all share the same passion: flying. We are working to help others, while practicing our hobby, to experience the unique feeling of enjoying free flight.

Our Goals

The pilots are all part of an expanding, yet still small, family. We want to see that family grow with people like you who want to and can do something for the community. We will create an environment where you can learn to fly in a fun and playful way, under quality conditions. We offer a colorful and lively club life, where you can make friends and build fruitful human and professional relationships as well as enjoying your free time. We organize activities that are not only fun for you, but also for your family and friends.

Man, behind the face



Originally a sommelier, then a foreign trader, and finally a postgraduate in marketing (C.I.M. England, Alfred Nobel University Switzerland).

1988-1991 During the years of regime change, he worked at the Embassy of the Netherlands in Hungary.

From 1992-1996, as Regional Marketing and Sales Director of HBO/KÁBELKOM, he coordinated the market opening processes in the neighboring countries.

1996-1997: Regional Director of the Marketing Academy of Budapest (MAB), senior consultant, and trainer.

1997: founded Biaxial Consulting Ltd., an organization development and business management consulting company, where he trains and educates senior staff of several national and international companies.

2002: Participated in the market launch of the first independent Hungarian news television, HÍR TV, for which he was Distribution Director until 2019.

2005-2016: co-founder and Distribution Director of Story4 and later Story5 TV channels, together with Sanoma Média ZRT and private investors.

2012: Founds Profit & More Consulting Plc. 2014: co-founded Heritage Capital Plc.

2015: co-founded Flytech Innovation Services Plc. with two partners, with the aim of making the joy and opportunity of flying available to the widest possible audience.


Manager, Chief Pilot Instructor

Got in contact with flying at a quite early age. In 1989 as the student of Number 10 National Defense High School College, Széchenyi István Gymnasium (Szolnok) he started to fly by type IS-28 glider, nicknamed „The Miraculous Hind”

1993-1997: after he got parachute training at the Flying Officer College in Szolnok he started to fly a JAK-52 aircraft, then from 1995 to 1996 a jet in Kecskemét.

1996: due to an accident in civil life his military career ended and he continues his career in the civil sector. However, he never quits flying.

2014: gets a PPL-A (TMG) qualification at Kék Ég RSE 2015: also at Kék Ég RSE he gets a PPL-A (SEP) qualification. 2016: as co-founder, he established Flytech Innovation Services Ltd to make the enjoyment and possibility of flying available for broad sectors of society. In the same year, he acquired a Level 5 radio-communication qualification.

Professional career in the civil sector:

1998-2000: the first station of his career in the civil sector is BPS Business Power Systems Ltd. He is responsible for the new branch of the company, he sells industrial furniture and assembly lines in Hungary.

2000-2001: Fami S.p.A. (Italy) representative

2001-2003: Norristown, Arthur P. Noyes Foundation Pennsylvania, USA. – finances, procurement, IT, and customers relationship.

2003-2007: retail distribution manager at PanTel Ltd.

2007-2010: sales manager of HBO in Hungary

2010-2014: Manager of Distribution for Antenna Hungária’s MinDig TV Extra-terrestrial digital transmission.

2014-2015: regional business development advisor for Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Romania at Eutelsat Broadband (Skylogic S.p.A., telecommunication).

2015-2016: distribution manager of Sony Pictures Television Networks in 12 countries within Central Eastern Europe.

Traning Center

2092 Airport Farkashegy, Building A

2092 Farkashegy, Budakeszi

Farkashegy (LHFH) is a sports airport 3 kilometers south from Budakeszi. It is one of the first glider airports in Hungary. In Farkashegy-hollow gliders have been taking off since 1929. At that time gliders were launched by a so-called ’slingshot’, and because the mountain ridge is perpendicular to the prevailing wind, it was possible to glide for a long time in the rising air. Launching was possible only from the top of the mountain so the gliders had to be taken back there. Presently glider and powered sport aircrafts take place at the airport. It hosts three flying clubs, Aeroklub Farkashegy, MÁV Flying Club and “Kék Ég” (Blue Sky) Repülő Sportegyesület.

Farkashegyi repülőtér

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