Blue Sky Aviation Club

About the club

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Relationship between Flytech and the Club

Flying is – well, in our opinion – one of the most enjoyable things in the world. When you take off, the horizon expands; you can see/observe things from another perspective. Everything that is bothersome or ugly vanishes, only the beautiful, what is pleasant to the eye remains. If you taste it once you will never want to land anymore. However, until you can take off flying the plane on your own, there is much to do and many criteria have to be fulfilled. From the legal, to technical conditions and human resources, a complex work of lot of people is necessary to teach you fly and what is more important, touch the ground safely. Fulfill the strict criteria of the aviation authorities, accomplishing administrative obligations, technical maintenance of the planes, possibly needed emergency repairs, fuel, lubricants, supply of spare parts, daily or winter storage – all of these impose so many tasks on our technical colleagues. Location and curriculum of the theoretical and practical education related to pilot training, organizing lectures, invitation of the lecturers, preparation for the exam, home tests/ in-house tests, registration for exams are also responsible and time-consuming tasks. And when you have your pilot license, you may not want to just drive to the airport, sit into a plane, fly for an hour and then go home. As time passes friendships and relationships are made here, and in the end you realize that you would love to spend most of your free time with these people. Surely you would bring your family, your friends or your partner. Provided that there is a place where you can sit down comfortably, make and file your flight plan, drink a cup of coffee, and after landing you can share your experiences with those who are just arriving. You can sit on the terrace and watch the teeming life of the airport. We, the owners and colleagues of Flytech and the management and staff of the club are working on the implementation of all these in cooperation, sharing our tasks for one common goal: to make you satisfied and feel as good as possible. That is why we have established our modern, well-equipped training base, we are constantly developing our clubhouse on the first floor and we make every effort to modernize and maintain the technical condition of our machinery. We are determined to broaden the scale of our leisure time activities in the future, to organize air-rally days, formation flying, family activities and to admire our beautiful environment from the air.

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