Our services

Our services

Sight-seeing or cross country flying.

Falke SF25 Motor Sailor

A Motor Sailor with 2 seats. It is an ideal choice for those who love spending time in the air cost-effectively. In appropriate weather conditions the pilot turns the engine off and you can enjoy flying, lifting the thermics in motor sailing mode, silently. But do not expect long distances with it, it would be a little slow for flying around Lake Balaton.

Cessna C152

Ideal training plane. It is a well-behaving airplane, less sensitive to gusts, easy to use. During our trainings, our trainees usually learn to fly with this type. As it only has two seats, one for the pilot, and another, we usually do not use it for sightseeing flying as everybody loves to share this experience with someone.

Cessna C172

It is one of the most popular and sold in the largest number of units four-seated airplane in the world. Because of its upper wing arrangement, it is one of the “most endearing” small airplane and the wing less disturbs the view. The cruising speed is 210 km/h but of course during sight-seeing flying, we fly with a more comfortable pace. 

PA34 Seneca Piper

It’s a two-engine airplane for 5 passengers. It’s cruising speed is above 320 km/h, so it is suitable for longer distances. With one full tank, it can fly up to 1200 kms. It is the ideal choice for bigger groups, companies, and for business people, but sightseeing flying is also really enjoyable with it. In 120-150 minutes the whole country can be flew around with it.

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