I’ll be the pilot

Be the pilot yourself!

How many times have you played with the thought, what it’s like to drive an airplane? And everywhere you made the thought go away, because you thought it is not possible. Now we invite you to a unique flying. Come on, jump into the driver’s seat, and not just enjoy the view from up the but BE THE PILOT YOURSELF!

Further information

How does that happen?


We wait for you at the discussed appointment in the command building of the airport of Farkashegy. After a short administration while having a coffee or a soft drink, we discuss the expected program. Meanwhile the pilot sets the plane ready. If you are ready, you can take a seat in the pilot’s seat. Now, everything is done by the chief pilot, he checks in on the radio, asks for rolling permission, you roll over to the executive and head to airspace. After reaching the appropriate height, you take the wheel and the plane is yours. You can experience what it feels like to keep it straight, sink, rise, turn around – in a word, travel in 3 dimensions. 

If you are brave enough you can try the bark and the corkscrew. OF course, these are already done by the chief pilot, but we can ensure you the experience will not be less! We guarantee that after your arrival on the ground, only your smile will be bigger than your satisfaction.


We look forward seeing you!